What are the best ways to find Kik and Snapchat usernames?

Kik and Snapchat are great places to meet new friends and make chat with new people. But in order to make friends, you should know how you can find usernames on Snapchat. If you are new on Snapchat: here, I am going to help you with the best way to find usernames.

When will you register for the first time Snapchat and you're learning to use the application, you will soon see the need to find and add friends in the application because it is what gives meaning to it. Do not despair, adding friends on Snapchat is very simple, and perhaps see many people you know are already using the popular application.

Add friends on Snapchat

Chatting with new people is fun and here I will describe the existing methods to find boys and girls in this network that in any sexual orientation. You can find a lot of usernames here.

Method 1: Add friends via the phonebook

Open the application and locate yourself on the main screen, i.e. the camera. Then press the button ghost located at the top, in the center.

Your user profile is displayed. Once there, click Add Friends.

You appear the two options, the first is Add user name and the second is Add from contacts. If you have the username of your friend; select the first option. Next, enter your user name and then press the + button to add it. Otherwise, select the option to search the address book.

As you can see, a list that will show all your contacts registered in your phone book will be displayed, however, you will see that under some names appear Snapchat Invites. That means the user is not registered with Snapchat and what will the button Add send a SMS to join Snapchat. If no Invite Snapchat means that you can add freely and have now in your contact list.

This way you can explore your list of telephone contacts and add to everyone you know who already use this fantastic application

Method 2: Add user name

Adding friends to Snapchat is a simple task if you already have the username of the person concerned. As you know, every friend of yours who uses the application has chosen a user name when registering, through which it is easier for other people to add.

Log in to the application and then, in the field of the camera, touch the small white ghost that appears up in the middle.

Add friends

Once there, go to the Add friends.

Then tap on Add user name.

Now in the search box enter the user name you already know. If the user is correct, the full name of the person next symbol will appear and +  which must press to add to that user.

Ready! Now you've added someone by your username.

Method 3: Add by Snapchat

The Snapchat is a new and fun way to add people to your contact list Snapchat; it is a kind of unique for each user virtual punch card.

The above example is the Snapchat officer Team Snapchat. To add it to your contacts, you just have to take a picture of the card with the application, in so doing, Snapchat automatically give you the option.

Another way is to make a screenshot or save the image, then we go to the menu Snapchat (small white ghost that appears up in the middle), then on Add friends and then Add by Snapchat, once there I am just select photo where the image or screenshot are.

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